Café Noir opened in the seventies with a small coffee grinding house in Ragusa that dated back to 1934. In the late eighties new motivated and dynamic partners took over the company with a strong belief in its potential to become the symbol of quality and professionalism for its customers. Today Café Noir is one of the best known in its field at home and also abroad, where people are becoming more and more interested in “Real Italian Espresso”.
The roasting of the coffee beans is carried out according to the best ancient traditions that leave nothing to chance and pay great attention to detail. As a matter of fact, each kind of coffee needs its own roasting temperature and times in order to obtain the right fragrance, body and roundness. After the coffee has reached its maturity in silos, an expert closely supervises the blending of the various types of coffee. At this point the final product is sealed and distributed as ground coffee, coffee beans or sachets.
Above all Café Noir means passion for one of the most famous beverages in the world, and a coffee bean that can touch all your senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Because it is the small things in life that count the most.