Our Environment

It doesn't take much to make a big difference to the environment. Our philosophy of using re-fillable bottles have spared our environment literally millions of plastic bottles over our 20 year history!

We also strongly encourage you to do your bit for our environment. When given a choice between purchasing a refillable bottle or a disposable one, then choose wisely. Our re-fillable 19 and 12 litre bottles can be re-used for up 200 times in complete safety. Each bottle is thoroughly inspected, washed and sterilised before filling thus ensuring the highest product quality.

All our suppliers are vetted and all are asked to send our raw materials without extra packaging. We do not need our packaging materials to be repackaged in what would end up in our waste stream. Our sales fleet is being replaced by hybrids or electrical vehicles and charging is done through our own PV grid

All our end-of-life plastic bottles, caps and other plastic items are processed by a granulator which crushes them into grains of plastic or presses them into bales and are then exported back for recycling. The same too applies for all our carton packaging. This is baled and resold to third party recyclers. All our wooden waste too is used by burning in our eco- boilers to heat water used for washing